Eurasian Regional Language Program in Tajikistan

The Eurasian Language Program provides a unique opportunity for American students, scholars, researchers and other professionals to study Persian (Farsi/Tajiki/Dari) and Uzbek at the Dushanbe Language Center during summer, semester and academic year.  All courses are conducted by expert faculty from leading local universities and educational institutions.

Academic Program

Students have approximately 15 hours of classes per week.  Courses are designed to strengthen speaking, listening, reading and writing proficiency in the language of study.  Courses in literature, history, politics, culture, and area studies are available for advanced students. 

Students are enrolled in either small group classes or individual tutorials.  All classes are conducted in the target language by faculty who has extensive experience teaching foreign languages.

Cultural and after class activities

Students are offered the chance to meet people their age for two or three hours per week.  Peer tutors introduce participants to local young people, accompany participants on sightseeing tours and excursions, and organize cultural activities (cinema, museum, etc.).  Peer tutors speak only the target language.

Students are also encouraged to participate in a variety of cultural activities such as bi-weekly excursions and long trips.  They enjoy the nature and landscape of Romit and Varzob mountains, and lake Iskandar kul; travel to important historical sites such as Khujand, Istaravshan, Hissor Fort, and Hulbuk in Kulob; visit the Aluminum Factory in Tursunzade, Chiluchorchashma in Shahrituz; and go on a long trip to Badakhshan, Pamirs. 

Housing and Meals

All Participants live with local host families.  Host families expose students to authentic, contemporary language in informal social settings and provide supportive environment for students to test their growing language skills.  All families are screened, selected, and monitored by local American Councils staff.  They provide two meals per day; participants are guaranteed private rooms, and telephone access.

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